SURPRISING (AND BIG) NEWS ABOUT INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY IN BOSTON: Unknown to nearly anyone, the Boston City Council voted affirmatively on a Consent Agenda item presented on October 18 by then-Councillor Tito Jackson recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day in Boston. (Important note: This Declaration does NOT abolish Columbus Day. That is work that we will still need to undertake in the future.)

Councillor Jackson undertook this effort with the very best of intentions and in order to show his solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. Thank you so much for that.

(As to why we didn’t know about it, it is our understanding that Councillor Jackson had planned to give us a copy of the declaration in advance when we were having an Indigenous Peoples Day rally and march in Boston on October 7, but that he arrived at our starting location after we had started marching. After that, he and his staff were no doubt very busy getting through the mayoral election schedule. But now they have delivered the Declaration to us, and you can see a copy below.)