Indigenous Peoples Day Massachusetts

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Newton Hearing on June 5th — Join Us!

HEY NEWTON MA FOLKS! On Wed., June 5 at 7 pm, the Newton City Council Programs and Services Committee will… Read More

May 7th: Hearing on Statewide Bill

A Joint Committee hearing on the statewide Indigenous Peoples Day bill is happening May 7th.Please submit letters and attend the… Read More

Indigenous Peoples Day 2018 Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrations of Indigenous Peoples Day in 2018! Boston In Boston, over 150… Read More

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Indigenous Peoples Day MA

A statewide bill is currently in the legislature. Take action now to help get it out of committee!
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Indigenous Peoples Day MA

Join our campaign to get Boston to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and abolish Columbus Day.
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Indigenous Peoples Day MA

We're calling on Wellesley to stop celebrating Columbus and start honoring Indigenous Peoples Day.
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Why celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day?

Indigenous Peoples Day recognizes and celebrates the heritage of Native Americans and the history of their Tribes within the United States of America. By changing the holiday from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, the holiday recognizes the historic and ongoing painful impacts that Columbus's and other European colonists' arrival in the Americas had on Indigenous peoples.

Please do not move forward with your own Indigenous Peoples Day campaign without consulting with us first! You can reach us at