Indigenous Peoples Day Massachusetts

News & Updates
10/6/18: Boston Marches for Indigenous Peoples Day!

Boston Marches for Indigenous Peoples Day! Boston - and the rest of Massachusetts, too - needs to celebrate Indigenous Peoples… Read More

Indigenous Peoples Day Cambridge Celebration – With Frank Waln!

Join us to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day in Cambridge! Organized by United American Indians of New England, North American Indian… Read More

Somerville Declares Indigenous Peoples Day

On September 13th, 2018, Mayor Joe Curtatone announced that  Somerville will celebrate Indigenous People's Day instead of Columbus Day. Thank you to… Read More

Current Campaigns
Indigenous Peoples Day MA

Boston declared Indigenous Peoples Day—now they need to abolish Columbus Day.
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Indigenous Peoples Day MA

Campuses across MA are working to get their institutions to recognize Indigenous Peoples Day.
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Why celebrate Indigenous People's Day?

Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognizes and celebrates the heritage of Native Americans and the history of their Tribes within the United States of America. By changing the holiday from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day, the holiday recognizes the historic and ongoing painful impacts that Columbus's and other European colonists' arrival in the Americas had on Indigenous peoples.