Brookline High School protest of Columbus Day, October 10, 2016. Photos by Jonathan McIntosh

For decades, many Native people have been calling for an end to the public celebration of Christopher Columbus on the second Monday in October. We have asked that Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to honor Indigenous Peoples from throughout the Americas, be declared on that same day because of the date’s significance.

We consider it a first step toward recognizing the genocide of millions of Indigenous people and the theft of their lands that began with the arrival of Columbus. It is a meaningful symbolic gesture in addressing the pain caused to Native Peoples by the many years of celebrating Columbus as a hero.

Cities including Seattle, Denver, Albuquerque, Cambridge and more have all done this––let’s make Brookline the next!

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A version of this resolution will appear in the Brookline MA Town Meeting Warrant for the November 2017 Town Meeting. If you would like to learn more about our campaign or get involved, please contact us at or