Cambridge declares Indigenous Peoples Day!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Cambridge City Council unanimously passed the Indigenous Peoples Day resolution on June 6th, 2016.

Thank you to the Cambridge City Councillors for listening to Indigenous voices and understanding the importance of this step. Thank you to all of the people who participated and helped with this process, wrote letters, showed up or spoke at meetings, and advised regarding the Cambridge political situation and process. In Unity There Is Strength.

We are shortly going to ramp up the Boston Indigenous Peoples Day campaign, so please go to Boston campaign page to see how you can help with that effort, and like the Facebook page Indigenous Peoples Day Boston.

Here is a copy of the resolution that Cambridge passed.


May 26th City Council Meeting Materials:

Note: Please do not use the Cambridge resolution for your own campaign. Please consult with us about resolution language first as we are aware of suggested changes and other factors. Even more important, please do not move forward with an Indigenous Peoples Day campaign on your own without consulting with first.