Boston Marches for Indigenous Peoples Day!

Boston – and the rest of Massachusetts, too – needs to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and abolish Columbus Day. Please join this Indigenous-led rally and march. Share with your friends, too!

10/6/18 Rally at Park Street Station in Boston at 1 pm.
Followed by a march to the Columbus statue
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For decades, Native American people have been asking that Columbus Day be abolished and that Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to honor Indigenous Peoples from throughout the Americas, be declared on the 2nd Monday in October.

Indigenous Peoples Day is a first step toward recognizing the genocide of millions of Indigenous people and the theft of their lands that began with the arrival of Columbus. Declaring Indigenous Peoples Day begins to address the pain caused to Native Peoples by the many years of public celebrations of Columbus as a hero. Columbus and his men were brutal murderers, slave-traders and rapists whose actions directly caused the decimation of multiple Indigenous populations.

It’s time to acknowledge the Indigenous history of Boston as well as the continued presence of Indigenous peoples in the Boston area. To make Indigenous Peoples Day a reality in Boston — and statewide — we need a united effort from Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian, Arab and white progressives throughout Boston.

Somerville, Cambridge, Brookline, Seattle, Denver, Tulsa, Charlottesville, Albuquerque, LA, Portland and other cities have abolished Columbus Day and now celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. Let’s make Boston next!