–The resolution was first raised in the fall of 2015. We brought in multiple people to the City Council meeting on December 21, 2015 to make public comment and provide educational information in favor of the resolution, but there was no vote at that time.

–Late this spring, the resolution was placed in City Council committees. Those committees met at a hearing on May 26, 2016, that had the Indigenous Peoples Day resolution as its sole topic. We brought in several Indigenous speakers to present an immense amount of information about Columbus Day, why it is harmful and we oppose it, our history internationally nationally and locally, our ongoing presence in Cambridge and in the region, our current conditions, and why we need Indigenous Peoples Day. In addition, some wonderful 8th graders from the Cambridge Public Schools made a presentation about what they had learned when studying Columbus and explained why they were in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day; this group included a young woman who is herself Native. All of this educational testimony had a tremendous impact on everyone present, and all of the 4 city councilors as well as a member of the School Committee attending the May 26 meeting expressed support for the Indigenous Peoples Day resolution. As a result, they sent it to the full City Council to consider on June 6. These Councillors at the May 26 meeting listened very intently, and their comments indicated that they clearly understand the need for Indigenous Peoples Day. We are in a strong position and many people in Cambridge now understand how important this resolution is. Here is a link to video from the May 26 meeting (missing the first half hour of the meeting):

–Here is a link to the resolution, in case you want to read it!